With societies there is constant change.As years pass, so do politics, religion, and families. As men of God we strive to maintain the precepts handed down to us as leaders of our families as well as the church. To accomplish this we have to apply Godís word as to being a father to our children, husbands to our wives, and leaders of our local congregations.


With this comes constant work on our parts concerning study (2 Timothy 2:15, 2 Tim 3:13-17), family leadership (1 Tim 3:5), perfecting faith and leading Godís church (Eph 4:4-16), and just being the type of man that our heavenly father would expect us to become (1 Peter 3:8-15)

As we are constantly striving to improve on the lives that the Lord has given us, our continuous concern is for mankind, his soul, and the growth of the church.